Accelerating Growth for Startups

Typically, “accelerator” services include short-term programs to help businesses experience rapid growth and investment in a short period of time. However, rather than providing the traditional, short-term accelerator programs that many business firms provide, Dandly plans to help companies in our value chain in Calgary and beyond fuel growth and scale up their businesses on a more long-term basis and with the option of using physical space by using a “hub” model, creating what we call a “hubcelerator.”

Press Release

Dynamic of Choice

Downtown Calgary Office Space

This service can include assistance with transitioning to temporary, flexible, and/or permanent space (when desirable).

Online WebEx Space

We understand the costs of relocating, so Hubcelerator offers a flexible option where businesses can join our Hubcelerator program remotely through WebEx.

Assistance as Needed

In order to help companies fuel growth, we offer customized and nimble services to fit individual business needs to help them grow and succeed, whether this is done in person or through WebEx such as one-on-one support and mentorship, workshops and training, management consulting, and documentation support.


We enable companies to execute their vision, going from ideation to success.


We bring together early phase startups looking to accelerate growth in their industry.